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Resilience in life and work to lead oneself and others in a healthy way.

Marianne Rinker

What do you wish for yourself and your company?

Baum in der Landschaft

I wish for …

  • serenity in difficult situations
  • handling things with confidence
  • fewer energy drainers / more sources of energy
  • dealing successfully with various personalities
  • attracting the right people into the team
  • success that brings fun and joy
  • change and realignment

… more contentment and joy in being and doing.

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Personal warning signs

Even though most of us live in relative prosperity, well cared for, warm, and protected, health insurance companies record new peaks of physical and mental illnesses. Never before have so many psychopharmaceuticals been prescribed worldwide.

Individually, our bodies usually start signalling when something isn’t right or imbalanced:

Headaches, sleep difficulties, overeating, digestive issues, joint discomfort, teeth grinding, tinnitus, allergies, and other symptoms.

Druck von Außen

Warning signs in the company

Frustration and demotivation are evident within teams and the organization.

Meetings after meetings with turned-off video feeds. Lone wolf mentality, high turnover – especially among high performers, are typical symptoms.

Projects remain unfinished.
Deadlines are missed.

Customers are leaving or are hard to find and keep, causing a decline in profit margins and subsequently in innovative investments.

Sit it out or take action?

Do you hope it will get better on its own? Yes, sometimes waiting can help. But when the breaking point is reached, the focus often shifts to addressing mainly the symptoms. However, what is the underlying cause?

Many individuals, teams, and companies hit a wall. They can’t progress and don’t know how to. And where does this wall come from?

If you simply turn down the volume and don’t react to the warning signals from your company, team, or yourself, the symptoms won’t necessarily go away on its own.

Was möchten Sie angehen?

Resilience Retreat Tuscany 2024


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What means resilience?

How to analyze your ...

Persönliche Resilienz, Symbolbild Seil mit Blatt

Individual Resilience

  • RQ test for assessing current resilience
  • tools and everyday exercises to enhance resilience
  • becoming aware of, creating and utilizing sources of energy
  • identifying and minimizing sources of energy drain
  • evaluating and changing thought patterns
  • driver analysis
  • physically strengthening resilience


Resilienz im Team

Team Resilience

  • 9 factors of resilient companies (ISO)
  • company values and goals are clearly defined and lived by
  • cross-functional collaboration during crisis periods
  • promotion of creative ideas and solutions
  • leaders motivate and encourage open dialogue
  • healthy meeting culture
  • company goals adjusted to market situations


Gesund Führen

Healthy Leadership

  • recognizing and countering distress
  • burnout prevention
  • work on values
  • transparency and communication culture
  • resilient communication
  • clarity and consistency
  • self-care and role modeling


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Natürlich-Fit-Team (NFT)

Marianne Rinker

Marianne Rinker

Natürlich-Fit-Team Founder

For over 2 decades, I’ve been working with individuals and companies on topics including

  • leadership
  • personal development
  • communication
  • empowerment and well-being.

Combining these competencies two main fields have emerged: Resilience and Healthy Leadership.

I started as a MTRA, then studied psychology A-Levels in England, followed by qualifying as a certified nutritionist, a trainer and speaker and eventually ventured into self-employment. After many trainings and coachings, I founded Natürlich-Fit-Team.

The approach in training and coaching is always holistic. We examine individuals/organizations on physical, emotional, and mental levels. This helps us decide where to focus, using appropriate interventions.

As a native English speaker, I offer my services in both German and English.


Pia Rinker

Pia Rinker

NFT Master-Psychologist

Even during my university studies as a Master’s psychologist, I enjoyed being a sparring partner and intervision colleague at Natürlich-Fit-Team.

In the meantime, I’ve had 2 children and am concurrently completing training as a psychotherapist at the Zist Institute.

My strength lies in working in pairs or small groups – as a coach or as a trainee psychotherapist.

The coachee can expect clarity, appreciation, personal responsibility, and a focus on resources.


Alexander Rinker

Alexander Rinker

NFT Key Number Specialist

All processes within a company can be expressed in numbers. I have been working full-time for over 40 years as a graduate business economist in larger and medium-sized corporations, specializing in finance and accounting.

I handle this internally within the company, from department to executive board, and externally for auditors, management consultants, and auditors with my team.

Certain metrics are crucial decision-making foundations. They provide entrepreneurs with insights into where to take action or where opportunities and possibilities lie.

NFT cooperating partners

Janine Dieke

Janine Dieke

Resilience Trainer

Hanover is my hometown, Berlin is where I live, and I work all around Germany.

Since 2013, I’ve been working as a trainer, leading workshops and resilience coaching sessions in German and English for medium-sized and urban companies as part of their personnel development. Their vision is to mentally empower individuals and employees both as a team and on an individual level. Following the motto: "You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf." (Jon Kabat-Zinn).

My trainings aim to strengthen courage, (self-) confidence, and self-efficacy. My specialized training program, the Wellenreiter Academy, shares knowledge and insights from Positive Psychology, training many methods and routines for these topics that can be directly applied in professional and personal life.



Mark Prévoteau

Mark Prévoteau

Learning Expert

Ich bin freiberuflich als Lernexperte, Moderator und Berater in HR-Fragen tätig. Nach meinem Studium der Erwachsenenbildung habe ich mich auf die Schwerpunkte Personalentwicklung, Lehren & Lernen und smart ausbilden spezialisiert.

In addition to modern, audience-specific methods, I enjoy creating practical templates. This way, I assist educators of all kinds in effectively passing on their knowledge to the next generation.

In the field of moderation, I guide leaders and their teams in workshops and other event formats to produce actionable outcomes.

I provide holistic consultation on all matters related to personnel and organizational development


Christa Fellner

Christa Fellner

Emotion Coach

Dipl. Katholische Theologie, Diplom IFS (Interdisziplinäre Frankreich Studien), Life & Business Coach mit 15 Jahren Erfahrung, aktuell tätig als People Experience Team Lead in der IT-Branche bei dem größten online social Network für Expatriates. Ich bin eine einfühlsame Zuhörerin mit klarer lösungsorientierter Kommunikation. Dank meiner Ausbildung als zertifizierte Business Coach und Meditationslehrerin verfüge ich über ein hohes Maß an Achtsamkeit. Meine Stärke ist meine Herz Intelligenz. Ich schaffe für andere einen Raum, in dem innerer Frieden entsteht und kreative Impulse erwachen. LinkedIn-Profil

Daniela Steiner

Daniela Steiner

Expert psycholog. risk assessment

„Building a resilient community“ – that’s been my motto for over 15 years in collaboration with children and young people, adults, teams, and companies. When everyone recognizes and unfolds their potential, takes responsibility, and acts for the benefit of the community, problems lose their power, and the essential becomes visible. Finger-pointing disappears, and the possibility for collective growth emerges.

I’ve underpinned my approach with a Master’s degree in Workplace Health Management, certifications as a Systemic Business Trainer (BDVT) and Systemic Business Coach (BDTV), as well as a training as an energetic coach.

For many years, I’ve had the privilege of contributing my expertise and approaches to the introduction and implementation of Workplace Health Management. This involves topics such as psychological risk assessments, analyzing the current state, and deriving tailor-made measures, which are at the heart of my work.


Alexandra Grassler

Alexandra Graßler


Would you like to create workday routines that build your basis for a healthy and fulfilled life?

Since 1995, I have been running my own business and working as a consultant, coach, and business trainer. From the very beginning, I have been dedicated to the topic of structuring work life.
Over the years, I have accompanied thousands of people through consultations and workshops. My clients‘ main goals revolve around self-management and self-marketing. Preventing burnout is an important concern of mine.
My previous experiences as a teacher, various psychological trainings, and intensive studies of Japanese Kaizen methods for strategic business processes provide a strong foundation for my successful work.
Additionally, I have been working online since 1993, and as early as 1996, we developed one of the first telelearning courses.
Empowering and encouraging people has always been and continues to be my motto.


What others tell you about us ... 

Transparency note on reviews:
References that appear on the website come exclusively from customers.
Their consent is available and was given during the business relationship.

Impulse Café – Participatory talks outdoors or/and online.

Impulse Café

Which topic would foster your personal growth?

Since 2021, competent and experienced speakers have hosted our Impulse Café in Bavaria every summer..

You can be a part of it – either online via Zoom or in person..

Get comfortable, grab your drink and a small snack, enjoy 1 1/2 hours of input and exchange of fresh ideas and new inspirations for everyday life.

The Impulse Café provides you, as a guest or speaker, with a platform to inspire and/or connect with other people. Simply click here!

Resilience Retreat Tuscany 2024